You can take a look at my GitHub-Profile to see what current projects I am working on.

Published web apps:

Furthermore, I have collected some of my prior projects.

Password Manager

A program that stores important information such as passwords in encrypted form on the computer.

Vegan-Bot (currently not active)

I wrote a chat bot using DialogFlow, which uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to answer the most common questions about a vegan lifestyle.


My first free icon set which can be used for classic user interfaces.

Sync Tool

With this simple console application it is possible to synchronize two directories with each other.


During an internship in the secondary school I developed the game Sokoban at Nowisys IT-Service GmbH.


As part of the bachelor’s lecture “introduction to computer graphics”, I created a solar system with OpenGL.


An implementation of the logic game Mastermind by Mordechai Meirovitz with six colors and four connectors and the goal to identify their colors.

Connect Four

This program is an implementation of the strategy game Connect Four for two players with a flexible playing field size.